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Buy Bluehost hosting and activate hosting on WordPress

Buy Bluehost hosting and activate hosting on WordPress

Buy Bluehost hosting 

If you are considering creating a new website for you on the Wordpress platform. And looking for the best hosting for your new website.

We will list these facts about Bluehost to learn more about them:

  1. Bluehost has been established since 2003 and is one of the oldest web hosting companies.
  2. Hosting Bluehost
  3. Hosting Bluehost : hosts more than 2 million websites from the Internet, earning a good reputation and gaining customer confidence.


  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Dedicated Hosting
  3. Virtual Hosting VPS Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting Bluehost Cloud Sites
  5. Web Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost Hosting Features

  1. Unlimited hosting
  2. Free domain for 1 year
  3. Suitable and Improved WordPress Hosting
  4. Quick hosting
  5. Low-priced hosting
  6. Free technical support for hosting
  7. Money-back guarantee
  8. Easy to use hosting

How to Buy BlueHost Hosting and Free Domains

Step # 1: Company Location

Access to the company from

Step # 2: Log in to buy hosting

Press the word get

Step 3: Choose the hosting type

Choose the type of hosting you want as shown below
Choose the hosting type

Step 4: ((Domain))

As in the pictures below you will find a domain selection

  1. Choose a new domain ((Here you will get a new domain from the company for free for one year)).
  2. I have the domain name (here you put your domain before you bought it from another company other than Bluehost).

Step 5: Register an account at BlueHost

Register an account at BlueHost

Step 6: Choose the length of hosting you want to buy

Choose the length of hosting you want to purchase

  1. Get 12 months hosting at $ 4.95 per month
  2. Get 24 months hosting at $ 3.95 per month
  3. Get 36 months hosting at $ 2.95 per month
  4. Get 60 months hosting at 2.95 per month

Here's the secret to getting Bluehost hosting for 3 years at $ 2.65

When you have reached (Step 6) and after you open the Select Duration dialog box, move the mouse over the browser lock marker from the top. At this moment you will be shown a new screen telling you that you can get hosting for 3 years at $ 2.65 instead of $ 2.95. Click on it.

Step # 7: Pay for Purchase Hosting from Bluehost

Pay-per-purchase hosting from Bluehost

  1. Pay through Paypal
  2. Payment from credit card

How to pay through PayPal

How to pay through PayPal

Step # 8: Approve the terms of the Blohost Company

In this last step you will make a confirmation that you agree to the terms and policies of the company.

Step 9: Send the hosting data to the email

In this step, Bluehost will send you the hosting data that you have purchased a few moments ago on the email that was recorded in the company during the purchase process.

Step 10: Activate the hosting on the Wordpress platform

Activate the hosting on the Wordpress platform

Activate the hosting on the Wordpress

 Steps to activate hosting Bluehost on WordPress

Step 1: Access the Control Panel and download Wordpress

 Sign in to the hosting control panel. Go to the websites section. Then choose the second option "Install WordPress".
Access the control panel and download Wordpress

Step 2: Complete the Wordpress download

Complete download Wordpress

Step 3: Domain Name

 Choose your domain name and click on check domain
Choose a domain name

step 4 :

You receive a warning message telling you that there are files that have been copied. Do not bother them and press Continue

Last step: Access the new control panel in Wordpress

After you have completed the previous steps, you will be sent data

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Bluehost Hosting

Do you use Bluehost Control Panel?

Yes, already. The company uses an Arabic control panel. After sending your hosting data to your email address, you can access your control panel through this data easily.

Can I profit from hosting BlueHost Bluehost ?????

Yes, you can make big profits by participating in the Bluehawk Bluehost program. Be the first to promote BlueHost products, which are the additions. The company pays you $ 65 on each customer who registers through you and buys hosting. You can read this article by making a complete guide to

Can I buy a hosting for a month or 5 months?

Unfortunately you can not. Because

Will I get a free one-year domain when I buy?

Yes you will get a free domain for one full year from the company. Therefore, you should not purchase a domain from another company when you purchase a hosting from Bluehost.

What payment methods are available at Bluehost ?????

The company offers two payment methods :
  1. Pay through Paypal
  2. Credit card payment (Visa type)

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This was a detailed explanation of how to buy Bluehost hosting and activation of hosting in Wordpress. If you have any query regarding the purchase and activation. Leave your comment below

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